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Dates Fruits

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Dates may look humbly small, but they are the most potent fruit in terms of nutritional value and health value. Dates are also high in dietary fiber, which clears the intestinal tract. The high fiber content in dates regulates bowel movements, and they are natural antioxidants that fight disease-causing harmful substances called free radicals. Diabetes, heart disease, and even Cancer can be prevented with a regular intake of Dates.


Dates are a concentrated source of natural sugar. Although people who monitor their blood sugar may need to keep their intake small, Dates have a relatively low Glycemic index (GI) and don’t cause large increases in blood sugar levels in general.

Just see the exact breakdown of nutrition in Dates:

Know exactly how much you should eat daily by continuing reading onwards.


Nutrition and Health experts recommend the consumption of 3 to 6 Dates every day at a minimum. But the ideal recommended amount is 100 Grams or about a handful every day for gaining all the required daily nutritional nutrients.

This amount may differ from one individual to another, but it is quite safe to eat this recommended daily amount as it bears no harmful effects and offers only health benefits.

Next, you will learn how the high fiber content in Dates is great for your health.


High fiber in dates regulates bowel movement, lowers cholesterol, prevents heart disease and type 2 Diabetes. Its medicinal properties have been known to mankind for centuries.

Let’s read about the benefits of natural sugar in Dates next.


Continuous clinical research reveals that the sugar found in dates is not harmful in comparison to processed sugar as it does not impact blood glucose levels to the same extent.

A pilot study has revealed that consuming 100 Grams equalling about 4 Dates per day improves your triglyceride levels, promotes good Heart health, and lowers your overall risk of developing Heart Disease in the future. This test also proved that oxidative stress is lowered considerably-high oxidative stress is directly linked to Heart Disease and even contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. You must know about the positive benefits of Dates during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnant women require higher amounts of nourishment because of the rapidly-developing foetus during the normal 8 to 9 months of development;

Dates are loaded with just the right amount of calories, essential vitamins, and minerals that pregnant women specifically require. It is the ideal power food for pregnant women to eat, especially in between meals when frequent hunger is normal during pregnancy. The high fiber content in Dates offers an additional benefit of cleansing the bowels during pregnancy. Dates suppress nausea naturally, which is associated with pregnancy. Its moderate sweetness provides a pleasant taste for pregnant women who normally suffer from bouts of an unpleasant taste in their mouths due to pregnancy. Lactating women greatly benefit from the consumption of dates as they provide much-needed nutrition, allowing them to produce ample mother’s milk for a healthier, well-fed baby.

In many Eastern and Middle Eastern countries, pregnant women are fed Dates that provide the right amount of required calories, vitamins, and minerals.

Modern times have led human beings to rely on medicine during pregnancy instead of natural, powerful superfoods like Dates for profiteering.

purposes. Let’s be honest in admitting that mother nature has all the essential multivitamins and minerals required for human beings concentrated especially in Dates. Not only is the taste delectably sweet which most people enjoy, but its texture is nice and chewy which pregnant women enjoy chewing which helps them relax substantially during the physically-challenging time of pregnancy, a roller coaster of numerous physiological challenges women go through until the time after their successful deliveries.

Pregnancy sometimes causes Haemorrhoids;  eating dates provides dietary fiber which eases this.

A huge number of health benefits are offered by dates, which you must learn about. 


Dates offer a natural fuel for the human body through the number of carbohydrates they provide, even in small amounts of consumption. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for human beings.

Substantial amounts of Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, and Copper – all essential for bone health make Dates ideal for all age groups, especially young children and the elderly, who require larger amounts for both development and bone depletion.

Substantial antioxidant properties combined with a considerable level of inflammatory relieving powers are probably behind the positive results, which clinical results have shown to benefit Alzheimer’s Disease patients by reducing brain plague. 

Each date contains Choline, Vitamin B that is very beneficial for the learning and memory process, especially in Alzheimer’s disease children. Regular consumption of dates has been linked to a lowered risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and better cognitive performance in older individuals.

Read about Dates’ cleansing effects on the body.


Date extracts and Dates themselves have been clinically proven to support liver health; they prevent liver fibrosis. Dates detoxify the body naturally by keeping waste and harmful substances out of the body.  This cleansing property greatly reduces the risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Dates do wonders for the skin.


Dates are an excellent source of Vitamin C and D, which help maintain skin elasticity, keeping it smooth and blemish-free.

Dates have a remarkable anti-aging power that helps in maintaining a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance.

We will read about how our Sex lives can be perfect with the consumption of Dates.


Dates have been a known aphrodisiac for thousands of years, enriching men’s libido. Various clinical tests have proven Dates to enhance men’s sexual stamina.

Sperm count is increased by the consumption of Dates; flavonoids and estradiol contained in Dates increase sperm count and quality.

Ageing women should incorporate Dates into their diet is our next discussion.


Recent continuous research has proven amazing benefits for post-menopausal women with the addition of Potassium.  One dried Potassium provides sufficient Potassium and other essential nutrients reducing the amount of excreted Calcium through the Kidneys. 


This humble-looking fruit is small in size, but the multiple health, disease-fighting/prevention properties, and potent reproductive health benefits give Dates a medical quality that is completely natural, easy to absorb, and delicious to eat. We can easily conclude that eating Dates regularly in moderate amounts can only help us live longer, healthier lives with great strength, stamina, and vitality. 

Dates are within the reach of most people, and they are available in fresh or dried form in all parts of the world.  It is critical that more people learn about these tremendous health benefits for improving the quality of their lives.


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